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In Southwest Florida, it is very common to hear that a roof is covered with mildew, which is a fungus, but a black roof or one with a dark discoloration (often beginning in streaks) is typically the result of algae, technically known as Gloeocapsa Magma.  The algae thrives in humid and warm climates and usually first appears on the Northern slope where shade is more prevalent and the moisture tends to accumulate…. diminishing your home’s curb appeal and increasing your home cooling expenses.

Shingle Roofs: Once the algae has attached to a shingle roof, it feeds on the limestone that is used in the manufacturing process of the shingle and eventually leads to the breakdown of the shingle.  If left untreated in Florida’s heat, moisture, and light, the algae spores quickly multiply and can significantly reduce the life of your roof   Fleet Kleen follows the prescribed guidelines of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association when cleaning  shingle roofs with our soft wash (low pressure) method. The Fleet Kleen methods clean your roof as well as penetrate down into the shingle to kill the algae at its source.

Fleet Kleen’s annual treatment program prevents the return of algae to extend the life of your roof while keeping your shingle roof clean year-round!

Tile Roofs: Fleet Kleen strongly recommends a preventative maintenance program of roof treatments for any new tile roof as it is economical and guarantees you’ll never need to have your roof cleaned in the future.  If you need to have the roof cleaned, Fleet Kleen can help you decide whether a moderate pressure cleaning (less chemical) or a soft wash (more chemical) is appropriate for your property and can provide you with advice on a preventative maintenance program for the future.

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Someone walking on your roof? The impacts of too high of pressure or broken tiles? Your liability if the people on your roof aren't actually insured to be up there? Fleet Kleen has the ultimate solution! An industrial drone (we affectionately call her Hydrone) can be utilized to soft wash roofs or to pressure clean any elevated structure!

That's right, Drone Roof Cleaning, LLC has selected Fleet Kleen for the exclusive territory of Sarasota, Manatee, and Hillsborough Counties in Florida. Fleet Kleen works directly with you on the entire project... click on the logo to learn more about how Hydrone works from the sky!

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