Paver Cleaning


Fleet Kleen's reputation has been built over 50 years. 

We have completed hundreds of paver sealing projects and trust you will see the
benefits of having a professional organization complete your sealing project.

Commercial Cleaning in Lakewood Ranch

Initial Site Visit

Fleet Kleen will complete a site visit to review the condition of your pavers while jointly determining the desired outcome for your pavers. 

It is best if you are home for the site visit.  Seeing water applied to your pavers wil provide you with a nice preview of the color the sealant  will lock-in for the future. Each paver is manufactured differently and has been exposed to different conditions since being installed at your it is often more of an art than a science in trying to find the best solution for the pavers - and we appreciate your input in that process!


Fleet Kleen is proud to offer the unique "Seal of Approval" program that includes two coats of premium, semi-gloss sealant as well as much more!

  • Please specify if a non-standard of 'high-gloss' or 'non-gloss' look is preferred
  • Our premium sealant is manufactured iin Lakeland, FL by Innovative Concrete Technologies.
  • We have evaluated most of the sealants on the market - the quality level varies significantly from one to the next - and we standardized on this product as it stands far above all the others.
  • This product is a water based, urethane sealant that we have had years of success in applying. Often we can clean and seal in the same day.

Deep Cleaning

Fleet Kleen always pressure cleans to remove dirt and mildew from the brick pavers.  Your pavers may require additional "Deep Cleaning" that would require additional charges in order to help address issues such as:

  • Efforesecence
  • Iron
  • Calcium Deposits
  • Oil/ Other Stains

Level / Repair

Paver repairs are ofen necessary prior to sealing, Fleet Kleen can economically provide this service on rather basic projects while we have partnered  with approved contractors that can help provide a solution on more complex repiar projects. (Fleet Kleen is not responsible for pavers that breaks during repairs or leveling - having extra pavers on site is recommended.)

Previously Sealed?

It is helpful to determine if/how the pavers were previously sealed. Fleet Kleen will work with your to determine if stripping is required to remove any of the previous sealant. 

  • We hope to avoid stripping, as depending on the circumstances, the costs to remove previous sealant can be more than the costs of applying the new sealant.
  • It is important to understand the implications the process of stripping previous sealant  could have on surrounding areas such as the pool and other nearby painted surfaces. (Fleet Kleen hopes to help you avoid stripping previous sealant and specializes in helping you make the right decision upfront.)


Most pavers are thick and already have adequate sand to keep them stablizied.  We prefer to seal those joints in order to keep a consistent  look to your pavers.

  • Fleet Kleen cautions against over-sanding the joints - we can apply sand for an additional charge.
  • Fleet Kleen cautions against the use of polymeric sand (except for new paver installations) - we can apply in very specific instances.

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