Suncoast FYI Interview with Todd Aylsworth, President – Fleet Kleen Pressure Washing

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Suncoast FYI:  Fleet Kleen is a family-owned business that has been around for 50 years and provides both residential and commercial pressure washing, among other services. And here to tell us more is Sarasota resident, owner Todd Aylsworth.   I want to find out a little bit about what you do, and about being in business for 50 years. How did that come about?

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Todd A:  It’s been a long-standing business, family-owned throughout the years.  I purchased the business in 2014, and my wife and I are still active in the business every day. We operate in Sarasota-Manatee and Hillsborough County, and we offer both residential and commercial pressure washing. And we also offer some brick paver ceiling, various options on that.

Suncoast FYI:  Okay, so that’s driveway, paver ceiling that you do after.

Todd A:  Exactly. Our services include cleaning roofs, and then all the way down to the driveway. So, we clean the house, pool cage and deck and all the way down. Anything on the exterior of the building, basically we can clean whether it be residential or commercial. Our services include cleaning roofs, and then all the way down to the driveway. We clean the house, pool cage and deck and all the way down. Anything on the exterior of the building, basically we can clean whether it be residential or commercial.

Suncoast FYI:  How does somebody know that they need your service? I mean, do they wait until they see something black on their roof?  How do you determine when someone would need your services?

Todd A:  A lot of people do wait until it gets to that point then call us. If that happens, we do come out, and you know we can clean the roof; we put mildew preventative on those roofs to actually keep them clean. And that’s one of the things we offer a little different; we call it our “Keep It Clean” program that we can offer after we’ve removed all the dirt and mildew.   

We keep the property clean. I think of it being similar to you don’t wait for a pool to be green before you call a pool service, or you don’t wait until there are bugs to call the exterminator. So we work with hundreds of local residents just on a “Keep It Clean” program, where we customize it to their property and can keep their property clean year-round.

Suncoast FYI:  Once you’ve completed it, and you come back and do follow-ups. Do they call you, or is it a monthly program?

Todd A:  It’s something we keep track of, and obviously, each person is different on their requirements. For the roofs, it’s predetermined how often we come, but as far as the remainder of the property, we can customize that to their requirements.

We keep track of that inside our business, and then we simply notify them that it’s time for that service to reccur. And we’ve had really great luck with that or great success with that, we’ve grown over the last year considerably, and we’re looking for a kind of more technicians at this point to continue to keep our growth.

Suncoast FYI:  So, you’re looking for people should anybody want a job helping you?

Todd A:  Exactly, yes, please do contact us for that.

Suncoast FYI:  What other services do you offer though that people might come to you for other than just cleaning?

Todd A:  Pavers ceiling is one of the primary things, so many homes have these beautiful brick pavers installed early when the home is built, and over time they become dull. Obviously, the mildew and things are on them as well. So we first remove the mildew, and then we offer three different ceiling variations to really bring the vibrance back to the properties.

Suncoast FYI:  So, a question people may be curious about, why is it better to have you come out as opposed to, say, myself going out and getting a pressure washer and doing it on my own?

Todd A:  Sometimes it makes for a fun weekend if you do it yourself. But obviously you know first and foremost is the quality of the job that we can do, and you know we obviously have a long reputation staying in business for this long, you have to offer quality, and we also offer satisfaction guarantees for you.   But beyond that and this is I think an important point – we offer insurances both from a general liability standpoint, as well as workers comp. That’s important to have.

Suncoast FYI:  That’s very important to have yes. You want somebody that’s insured and registered and licensed.

Todd A:  Everybody’s protected, including the homeowner.

Suncoast FYI:  Wonderful. So where can people go to find out more about your services, and if they’re interested in becoming part of your fleet?

Todd A:  Our website is and our phone number 941-723-0086.  

Suncoast FYI:  Thank you so much for joining us today.

Todd A:  Thank you. I have enjoyed it.